Anyone who follows horse racing will at one stage come across “Paid Tipster” sites. Some you ignore, some you might even follow. With The Cheltenham Festival just around the corner, we will no doubt be seeing lots of adverts for them.

The question is are “Paid Tipsters” services really good or do they prey on people looking for a get rich quick scheme. Are they experts in making profits or more experts in persuasion?

The biggest question of all, have you actually really thought or looked in to how good these Tipsters are compared to YOU!

Personally I think Tips should be free and enjoyed together as we do here @

We have a growing number of people playing our free games. Daily Double and Saturday Pick 4 on our site, with the chance to win money if they Beat the Tipster

From those games I decided to pick 5 people from the site including The Tipster and compare them to professional Paid Tipster, and I think you might find the results very interesting

Firstly let’s just quickly go over how Tipster services work.

Tipsters entice people in with the adverts offering Free Tips. Then you generally find out that they have Tips that you need to pay monthly subscriptions for.

They may call it something like there premium services.

This in itself is clever, as they will advertise when the free service hits a winner, usually with the word boooommm again you will be persuaded to try there premium service.

And when they hit a winner in the premium service they will advertise that instead

Things that Good Tipster will promote will be there Strike rate percentage or their monthly profit per stake or “Return on investment” (ROI)


£152 profit last month off £10 stakes

£1520 profit last month off £100 stakes

Strike rate of 32.31% for the month

Return on investment of 27% for the month

Does this look familiar to everyone?

I’ve read before that people think Tipsters manufacture percentages. Some might, but I believe that if you run your betting like a business, like The Tipsters do, you will have similar results

Now let’s compare it to 5 people who play our games. I worked out there stats from February 5th to March 5th with the picks they used to play our 2 free games Daily Double and Saturday Pick 4 and I have asked their consent to publish the result in the chart below

The chart makes for interesting reading. So I went online and took an average of the first 10 Tipsters sites I could find there ROI – which were

37% ROI ,15%,29%,20%,40%,29%,30%,20%,20%

Which gives an average for those Tipsters @ 24% ROI

Now albeit those percentages for the Tipsters are long term rather than a month, our chart for our players just gives you the idea of what can be achieved when you track your bets properly

So to sum everything up, I believe that if you follow a Tipster yes you might make a profit at year end, but if you had to be methodical about how you pick your picks, you could make your own profit without having to pay somebody else for it

So my advice before The Cheltenham Festival is-

  1. Set your budgets
  2. Don’t randomly bet on everything
  3. Track of what you do
  4. Join Beat the Tipster to play free games with like-minded people

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